2020/10/23 • 1 min read

Omnichannel customer journey at La Redoute with Trig’R Module

Since the first semester of 2018, the CRM Marketing team of La Redoute France have a new tool at their disposal: The Trig’R Module! This article will explain it in more details.

One platform to provide personal experience them all

The module is a specific component of the Adobe Campaign, ex-Neolane solution, implemented by the La Redoute Marketing IT and Data teams, jointly with Analytics and Marketing CRM teams.

Its objective is simple, consolidate and leverage the know-how gained on Marketing Automation with Adobe Campaign, personalisation with EarlyBird & internal algorithms, push notifications with Accengage solution, and Data Processing on our in-house Customer Data Management Platform (CDP).

Figure 1: Global Architecture of Trig’R module


Create an omnichannel customer journey

The CRM teams now have a tool allowing to configure the omnichannel customer journey, included the various point of contact (touch) like email, SMS, Push notification, at various frequencies: Daily, Hourly, Real-Time, Near-Real-Time. It is also possible to define a frequency « Best Moment », which will allocate a specific timing for each customer based on our internal algorithms, planned for the Q3 2019.

The business teams can work in autonomy on the creation of journeys, with reporting and analytics available, without waiting time or IT support required for the standard configurations, allowing a fast test & learn. The user interfaces were also co-created between business and IT teams, one reason of the ease of use of the solution.

Figure 2: Global Flow of Trig’R module


A platform in perpetual evolution

Our teams can focus on enriching the Trig’R module with new functionalities such as A/B Testing, Token management for our campaigns, integrated with third parties, for surveys, reviews, feedbacks, Net Promoter Score management. Branch, leader on the US market, is our partner for our performance measurement.

The module is inline with the RDPG integrating ways for the customer to opt-out on the various communication options.

The module became the core of our Marketing CRM platform, at the core of our personalisation strategy.

Figure 3: IT Marketing Evolution
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