12 2020

DevOps Lisbon Meetup : Xmas lightning Talks

Leiria, Portugal - Online


“How we decided to Test Event-Driven Microservices”
Antoine Craske

“Boost your terraform automation”
Bruno Ferreira

“Failing in Favor of the Customer”
by João Acabado

“A Developer Friendly Approach to Deploying Faster on Kubernetes – The Ketch Open Source Project”
by Bruno Andrade

“Kubernetes Just Got Easy – Using CloudManager for Effective Devops”
by Jorge Simão

“Including Security in DevOps”
by Samuel Cordeiro

“Customizing Helm: When using a Package Manager to Abstract Kubernetes to Developers”
by Stephane Moser

“Gamification as enabler for culture change and convergence of Gamification and Machine learning for advancing DevOps practices”
by Garima Bajpai

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