05 2020

VirtualJUG : Designing Microservices in Functional Style

London, UK - Online

Event sourcing, CQRS, Microservices, they are all concepts that share
a natural affinity with the fundamental idea of functional
programming: defining complex behavior through the combination of
elementary transformations.

The real surprise is how well they work together. Not only we can
build a very powerful and scalable application, but it is even simpler
to build than the traditional Object-Oriented approach. I will present
what we learned from our experience: our problems and how we solved

At the end of this talk, you will know the basic rules to architect a
system using functional programming principles for microservices with
CQRS and Event Source without using any framework. We will discuss
what are the benefits of this approach and the dangers and
difficulties that it is better to avoid.

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