2019/09/18 • 2 min read

La Redoute.io Launch

Roubaix – September, 2019, La Redoute is launching a new website dedicated to new e-commerce technologies : laredoute.io. Its objective is to position La Redoute as a technological leader of e-commerce. It will provide useful e-commerce-related resources to IT, data, and artificial intelligence experts from around the world, such as projects, experience sharing, APIs, events, etc. The site was also designed to attract and recruit IT talent in order to strengthen the “Redoute Tech Center” teams in Roubaix, France and in Leiria, Portugal.

While the website was officially launched in September, 2019, the two La Redoute Tech Center IT teams have been working on the project for the past several months. Located in Roubaix, France and Leiria, Portugal, they both have over 100 employees. The teams are motivated to share their projects and experiences, especially with regard to the DevOps approach, testing methods, continuous integration processes and tools, event-oriented architectures, and process mining, not to mention partnerships and collaborations with various schools and universities, and participation in numerous meetups and conferences.

According to Ambroise Gressier, La Redoute’s Director of Organization and Information Systems, “Being outward looking and operating in a network with our ecosystem are part of the company’s DNA. In the digital world, we are convinced that technological leadership is first and foremost acquired by sharing projects, innovations, and knowledge.”


Content and sharing to be published regularly

La Redoute’s IT experts have already published several articles on laredoute.io. New publications will be posted regularly. Job offers, an upcoming-events calendar, and a contributors’ gallery can also be found there. “For e-commerce players, mastery of data is a strategic issue; the Galeries Lafayette group needs the most talented people in order to invent the omnichannel commerce of tomorrow. There is an atmosphere of continuous innovation at La Redoute; it serves our customers and generates projects that present opportunities for those who want to experience a genuine entrepreneurial venture. There are over 20 recruitments currently in progress in France and Portugal”, says Samir Amellal, Chief Data Officer at La Redoute. Visit the website laredoute.io


About La Redoute

A multi-specialist in ready-to-wear and home decor, La Redoute is the only e-commerce company in France that designs, distributes, and delivers domestically and abroad, and provides high-quality customer service. La Redoute.fr is France’s number one clothing and home decor site, averaging over 9 million unique visitors per month. The internet accounts for over 85% of domestic revenue. The brand can also be found on smartphone applications and social networks. With over 10 million active customers worldwide, La Redoute is present in more than 20 countries. For more information: La Redoute-corporate.com

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