#1: Why, How and When to Use KSQL

This article written by Francisco Ramos is the number 1 article. It is part of a series of article around Kafka where the first 101 article is also part of this ranking.


KSQL is a technology part of the Kafka ecosystem providing a query mechanism similar to relational databases on data in motion. Its particularity of usage, deployment, and operations as well as novelty was a reason to explore this technology.

You can consult the article here.


#2: PenTest Information Gathering and Scanning

The second one switch to the area of Security. DevSecOps is a concept now much more part of our vocabulary, aiming at integrating Security in the overall engineering practices.


This Security article focuses on a essential step of penetration testing, the information gathering and scanning. It pinpoints the key elements to consider to perform well this activity.

The article written by Vincent Fack is available here.


#3: Setting Up a Dev VM with Vagrant

We now move to the developer experience context. The goal of an isolated development environment is to avoid the “it worked on my machine” syndrome.


This article written by Daniel Olival shares an how-to model to build a developer environment using Vagrant, a specific technology of virtualization.

Check-it out here.


#4: Kafka 101

We are coming again at Kafka with the first post of the Kafka series! The 101 acronym depicts the introductory goal of this article.


It shares the why, its origin and key use-cases. An interesting parallel is made with the real-world to image the usage of Kafka.

Discover which one in this article.


#5: The Traditional Test Pyramid, Pitfalls and Anti-Patterns

This article is a bit older one, published in April 2020. Like pyramids, the pitfalls and anti-patterns remain valid through the time and with on-going reading interest.


The article explicit the commonly known pyramids within the QA area, while challenging its inherent assumptions. It shares actionable takeaways to reflect on our own pyramid priorities definition.

Read about the test pyramids here.


The future will tell us what’s next

Measurement is part of our experimentation and continuous improvement culture. We will continue to release articles in the coming months, hoping to bring more value.

We already see some promising measures for the categories of Testing, DevOps, and Process Mining. The next report will show us the factual results!

Until then, stay tuned via the newsletter and our social media.


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